• HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Python, Java

Frameworks & Tools

  • React, Redux, Next.js
  • Svelte, Sapper, Node.js
  • Laravel, Cordova, Firebase, Git

Razorpay [YC W15]

Senior Frontend Engineer (Payments)

March 2019 to Present
  • Overhauling and revamping Razorpay Checkout in terms of UI and codebase
  • Supporting an increasing number of payment methods on Razorpay Checkout
  • Creating and maintaining alternate versions of Razorpay Checkout

Frontend Engineer

October 2017 to March 2019
  • Created multiple pages for the Razorpay website
  • Revamped and added support for Goods and Services Tax (GST) for Invoices product
  • Created patterns and libraries for tracking user behavior across Dashboard and Website
  • Added support for multiple payment methods to Razorpay Checkout
  • Migrated Razorpay's blog from Ghost to a static website generated from a WordPress CMS
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Software Engineer (PushCrew, now VWO Engage)

June 2017 to October 2017
  • Created a tracking library in JavaScript capable in capturing analytics through multiple services
  • Enhanced service workers to retain more Push Notification subscribers on Firefox
  • Added multiple features to the Dashboard using ReactJS
  • Wrote scripts and created a Slack command to allow easier tracking of ownership and usage of Staging instances

Software Engineering Intern (PushCrew)

December 2016 to January 2017
  • Using ReactJS and Redux, developed automated flow allowing customers to convert to HTTPS accounts, thus reducing 60 to 80 monthly support tickets
  • Implemented changes in the display of pricing tiers for better customer acquisition
  • Integrated MixPanel
  • Developed landing pages
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Independent Contractor

March 2016 to June 2017
  • Worked on various web-based (frontend and backend) projects


This list isn't being kept updated. A better list can be found by looking at my GitHub profile.

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Diagnosis of Brain Tumor using Machine Learning Algorithms

As a final project for my Bachelor's Course in Computer Science and Engineering, my team and I looked into various ways of creating an intermediate system that helps the radiologists identify Brain Tumor quicker by identifying areas in the Brain MRI scans that may be abnormal.

Technologies: Python, scikit-learn, scikit-image.


Hacked together a system to drag (using hand gestures) a webpage from one computer, drop it onto another, and have it open instantaneously.

Won the first position in Hardware Category at InOut 3.0.

Technologies: Leap Motion, NodeJS, Socket.IO, Android, Chrome Extension.

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Picture Band

Built a web platform to enable the sharing of photos among groups by using a single, personalized URL.

Technologies: Laravel, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery.

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Built the MVP consisting of a mobile app that interfaces with Estimote's Bluetooth beacons, and a CRM for restaurant order and inventory management.

Technologies: ReactJS, Laravel, Cordova, Firebase.


KhiKhi was built at MIT Media Lab Design Innovation 2015. It is a pair of microcontrollers that allow people to share laughter remotely.

Built an interface to make two Tessel microcontrollers communicate with each other over WiFi using HTTP requests.

Technologies: NodeJS, Tessel.

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Cult Classics

Built the website and did Product Design for a hobby-based business where we made and sold wooden, engraved products.

Technologies: Laravel, ReactJS.

IMDb Sorter

IMDb Sorter allows you to sort movies of your choice based on their IMDb Ratings.

Technologies: ReactJS, OMDb API.


An Android app to display the timetable for all branches of / Engineering at Babaria Institute of Technology.

Technologies: ReactJS, Cordova.

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Attendance Calculator

An Android app to update the user's attendance daily and show the attendance percentage.

Technologies: ReactJS, Cordova.

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Developed at InOut 2.0, adhering to the theme of Connecting Rural India, RuralFuse was developed as a platform to enable job-seekers in rural areas to providers in towns.

Technologies: Laravel, JavaScript.

See RuralFuse

KC India

KC India is a crowd-sourced list of Keratoconus clinics in India.

Technologies: JavaScript, Parse.


Itinerate is an online itinerary generator, developed at InOut 1.0. The theme for the hackathon was to develop something relating to the travel industry.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Maps API.